Dra. Mar Gómez Gallego


Dra. Mar Gómez Gallego Catedrático (U.C.M.)
Email: margg@quim.ucm.es

Mar Gómez Gallego obtained her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (Cum Laude) in the UCM, where she was appointed Profesor Ayudante in 1987. After a post-doctoral stay in Scotland (Dundee University, Prof W. M. Horspool, Fleming Award), she obtained a permanent position at the UCM as Profesor Titular in 1992. She was promoted to Catedrático de Química Orgánica in 2011.

Her scientific production has resulted in 90 scientific articles in the areas of multidisciplinary chemistry, organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry, three reviews, two books, book chapters and several patents. A part of her work has been developed in collaboration with the industry (agrochemicals) mainly directed to the improvement of the efficiency of agronomical products currently in the market and to the design of new iron-chlorosis correctors and molluscicides.

Prof. Mar Gómez Gallego has been consultant of the Energetic Materials Laboratory (LME) of the Spanish Ministry of Defense since 2002, and has developed joint research projects with this laboratory, and with several agrochemical companies. Her current research interests are focused on the development of new processes based on transition-metal complexes and the study of their reaction mechanisms, transformations in polymetallic systems, synthesis and reactivity of bio-organometallic compounds, the design and synthesis of new energetic materials as well as in the development of new iron chelating agents, the study of their mechanisms of action and their environmental impact.


Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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